STB International Co., Ltd. seeks to become a company that values trust, enjoys and shares together.

Under the slogan of 'Simple is The Best,' STB International provides full service that sensibly finds your hidden needs and suggests efficiently to develop and launch cosmetics and brands that you are looking for in domestic and international markets.

We seek to achieve customer satisfaction by outstanding performance through a solid marketing system.

CEO Eunhee Hwang

  • 01 Do not forget the debriefing and return calls.
  • 02 Do not procrastinate in tidying up.
  • 03 Facts first, opinions later.
  • 04 Colleagues are also customers (manners, positivity,
             compliments, respect)
  • 05 Be specific about the compliments.
  • 06 Share knowledge and information with everyone.


STB International has diversified the design of eyeliners and expanded its portfolio to include liquid lip and eyebrow pen products using the same system, supplying them to over 90 brands in 20 countries around the world.


This year, 2020 has been a year to lay the foundation for expanding our business areas to skin & body care products, and cosmeceuticals in addition to makeup products in the unprecedented situation of a pandemic.

Brand Planning & Launching

From planning cosmetic brands to proposing innovative raw materials and formulas to customers, from OEM to distribution, we are together from the beginning to the end of the cosmetic brand’s launch.


Think simple, Enjoy together, Share together
Speedy and excellent communication
Thorough brand marketing & development experience


STB International Co., Ltd. has a great wealth of experience and knowledge to produce ready-to-sell products in accordance with different regulations for each country such as Korea, China, Japan, US, EU, Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and more.

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